Jim has always been and will always be my big brother. Iíve learned many things over the years much of by watching him. How to walk and talk.  How to ride a bike, and a motorcycle. But most of all, how to live life and be a good person.

I always strived in our relationship as brothers, to reach beyond just that and also become close friends. This was always a hard thing to do, as we always seemed to be at different places in our lives.

About a year ago, Jim and I got a chance to spend the day together and go to a Cubs game. The game was rained delayed twice and we both ended up cold and wet, but the real greatness in that day wasnít the game, it was the time we spent together. We talked about many things on that drive to that game and back. We shared our most personal feelings about our families, our jobs, and our happiness in knowing God in our lives. You see we finally had reached a place in our lives that we had more than just being brothers in common. We finally reached that point that some siblings never get to reach; we had also become close friends.

We decided that day to do this every year. We never let Jims fight with Cancer get in the way of making those plans. I ordered the tickets the day they went on sale this year, and we were both excited to have better seats, ones covered by the upper deck in case it rained.

You see, even though Jim lost his fight with Cancer and we only saw that one game. I will always cherish that time we sent together.

I still plan on going to that Cubs game, and I know Jimsí spirit will be with me as both big brother and as my close friend.

We love you Jim and even though it was too short, we were all blessed to know such a Gentle Giant.

PS - Tell Grandma Gert I said hi.